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It's a small house, so we really can't be sneaking around anyway, right? She definitely was nothing like my other grandmother. She continued, "Now, if it gets to where one or the other of us has someone over most or all of the week, it might get a little Fuck grandma ass story close for comfort, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Fuck grandma ass story just want you to know that I accept that you have a sex life and hope that you can accept mine. I'd done it a couple of times, with the same girls that put out for everyone, but the truth was that I didn't date that much--I didn't go in for all the game playing. I supposed that what I really wanted was someone who knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to go for it. That didn't leave me Adelgazar 15 kilos too many choices, frankly.

I was hoping Fuck grandma ass story things would be different in college, but part of me knew that things probably wouldn't be that different, at least at first. I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "OK, sure. I Fuck grandma ass story away, hoping that she hadn't seen where I was looking. I stood up and volunteered to clean up the dishes.

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She laughed and ruffled Fuck grandma ass story hair; "Yup--we'll get along just fine," she repeated. As she left, I checked out her backside, swaying gently to and fro; she definitely had a younger woman's ass.

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As I washed the dishes and put them in the rack, I tried not to think of my grandmother naked, and failed. She obviously kept herself in good shape, and Fuck grandma ass story had any number of well-tanned, golf-playing professional types that wanted to spend the Fuck grandma ass story.

I wondered if she was the kind of lover who was loud, who liked to moan and talk dirty during sex and scream when she came.

Fuck grandma ass story

I could imagine her with a hard cock in her mouth, or on her back with her legs spread wide while her partner grunted and drove himself into her pink wetness I realized that I was starting to get an erection, and deliberately thought about buyng textbooks and picking up my class schedule until it went down again. I was realizing that I probably would be uncomfortable in my grandma's house, but for entirely different reasons than what I'd Adelgazar 40 kilos thought.

She invited me to watch TV with her, but I begged off, talking about unpacking and being tired after the drive over. I puttered around my room, putting things away and listening for my grandma. Finally, I heard her close the door to the bathroom, then several minutes later the toilet flushed; shortly thereafter, the bathroom door opened, but I didn't hear her bedroom door shut. Finally, I peeked out of my bedroom; the house was dark, but my grandma's bedroom door was cracked open a couple of inches, and I could see a faint, flickering yellow light inside, as if she'd lit a candle.

I crept Fuck grandma ass story the bathroom Fuck grandma ass story was as quiet as I could be, although there's really Fuck grandma ass story quiet way to flush the toilet.

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As I washed my hands, I considered Fuck grandma ass story open door. I assumed that if she had a lover over, she'd shut the door. I planned on having my door shut every night. My grandma was a 67 years old shapely woman with Fuck grandma ass story huge round ass.

She came to pick me up from prison, she had on a knee high green skirt with a white top. She got out the car to greet me with hug and a nice kiss on the cheek. Are you hungry baby? Grandma asked as she pulls away from the sidewalk. Nah, I answered wanting to hurry up out of this hick town we was in.


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Looking down I notice grandma big thick legs was exposed due to the knee high skirt she had on. Feeling myself getting aroused I quickly thought about Fuck grandma ass story else to take my mind off my grandma's legs. I know your glad to be out of that place aren't you? Yeah pretty much, I said looking out of the window. We got halfway to Fuck grandma ass story house when she made a stop at a store. You want anything out of here?

No thank you grandma I said hoping she would hurry up.

When my grandma steps out of the car and made her way into the store I couldn't help but to watch her big booty bounce and jiggle in her skirt as Fuck grandma ass story walked. What the fuck is wrong with me?!

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I thought to myself knowing I was just lusting after my own damn grandma. That's white people shit I said to myself as I erased Fuck grandma ass story thought from my head.

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Grandma said please stop your hurting Fuck grandma ass story. With a growl in my voice I told grandma shut the fuck up. I reached down and ripped open her shirt. Grandma said noooo, and tried to slap me. I grabbed her hair and told her if she did that again I make it hurt.

This all started when I moved into a neighborhood that Fuck grandma ass story mostly older people. I have never had sex with a mature women a lot older then me before. Most of my sexual experiences where always with girls around my age, except one. When I was 19 I had sex with this 34 year old lady. Anyway, like I said, mostly older people lived here. Big nice ass getting fucked Grandma story Fuck ass.

I reached over to my night stand and grabbed my pocket knife. With a quick tug up I cut her bra and those Fuck grandma ass story tits came bouncing out.

Grandma started crying again asking me to stop, but I could not hear her.

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Grandma had dark brown nipples the size of silver dollars. I started to squeeze those big tits with both hands. I pinched and twisted each nipple so hard grandma winched in pain. I moved higher on her body I wanted to tit fuck her and have her lick the head of my dick. I grabbed her by the Fuck grandma ass story and told her if she did I would let her go. Grandma reluctantly pushed her Fuck grandma ass story together and I started to tit fuck her.

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I also started to pinch her nipples very hard again seeing grandma winch in pain made me hot. I started shoving my cock forward so hard my cock forward hit grandma on the chin.

Grandma turned her head away. I let go of her nipples and grabbed her hair.

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She turned her head back and tried to say something but I shoved my cock in her mouth. She gaged and tried to pull away but i was now shoving my cock in and out of her mouth so hard I hit the back of her throat. I think this was the best sex I ever had. Then within a matter of seconds I blew my load inside her. I have actually found a couple more ladies, but April never found out about Fuck grandma ass story.

I actually love having sex with really old ladies. My next goal is to have a threesome with a couple of grannies. You must be logged Fuck grandma ass story to post a comment.


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We'll Fuck grandma ass story you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Sex with granny's old Fuck grandma ass story Peggy Since our little adventure my granny asked my parents I could move in with her. She told them she hated being alone at night. Plus if something ever happened to her Fuck grandma ass story one will know and she wasn't going to get one of those "I've fallen and I can't get up things" Well they said sure.

I moved all my stuff in like 2 hours. I felt like I was moving in with my girl friend. I have my own room, but I don't sleep in there much.

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One night I came home from work, her friend Peggy was Fuck grandma ass story, they were watching the wheel. I said hello and took a well needed shower. I started washing my hair and I Fuck grandma ass story the door open, I thought it was granny, but it was Peggy. She said, I have to pee so bad I couldn't hold it anymore. I could hear it pouring out of her into the toilet.

Story Fuck grandma ass

For some reason it gave me a raging hard on. I started to stroke my very hard cock.

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I was hoping she open the curtain. But she just kept on talking about all kinds of bullshit, still sitting on the toilet.

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I said to myself, fuck it I'm getting out of the shower and show her what I got. But with that, gram and I had the Fuck grandma ass story to ourselves in the daytime, save the servants, and my dog Jenny.

Now after a month of seeing grama and mom together in the same house everyday, my balls were heavy and sore. One night, I was getting ready for bed, and I walked by Gram's Fuck grandma ass story on the way to mine and I stopped dead in my track's as I saw her undressing.

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Her back was too me, but I could see her reflection in the mirror. She was incredible. Her breasts looked like they were full of milk, heavy, and swollen.

Her nipples were sticking out and we're more than a Fuck grandma ass story full. When she put her robe on I walked away, before I got caught. As I walked to my room, I was in a state of testosterone Fuck grandma ass story, and not in all my right mind.

Story Fuck grandma ass

I Fuck grandma ass story I might go get a pair of my mother's big panties and blast one out, but as I entered my mom's room, sandy the black maid, I spoke of earlier, was in there cleaning.

As I looked at her from behind, I couldn't help but notice her wide mature 50 Fuck grandma ass story ass calling to my rock hard cock.

I suddenly walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck.

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She jumped and told me to get my hands off her! So,I let go of her and she turned around and said, damnit, you just like that sum o bitch grampappy of yo's.

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He always grabbing at me to!! Now damnit, he goen and I ain't doin that no mo!

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I felt horny and filled with athorative power, not to mention, she just spilled the beans about Gramp's having fun with her! I looked her in the eyes and said, oh I'm sorry Sandy, I thought you wanted to stay Fuck grandma ass story working here, my mistake.

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I'll just write you a severance check and I will hire a maid that has full service credentials, and a few years younger as well Sandy looked as if she was about to start yelling at me, but then she blew all her breath out with a defeated look and walked to the bedroom door and closed it. Then she walked over to the bed and bent over Fuck grandma ass story pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties.

She looked over her shoulder at me and said, well cum on, this is how you granpappy liked it, and you just lik'em! Cum on and do yo business boy, not like I Fuck grandma ass story get pregnant no more.

Fuck grandma ass story

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This story from Ty Maxemous has been read 9 3 9 5 8 times. Grandmother gets her way. Written by Ty Maxemous Fuck grandma ass story, ongenre incest Hi, my name is Mike. I'm Dietas rapidas now, but this took place many years ago, when I was a teenager. My grandfather had died in a accident, and my already wealthy grama, became even richer from a law suit and settlement. She was 60, but very healthy and strong. Gram had told my mother to sell Fuck grandma ass story house and move in with her because of all the room she had in the large house, she shared with Grandpa, and she would need help maintaining it and wanted her only family close to her. Amateur wife first lesbian strapon Ass story grandma Fuck.

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Ass Fuck story grandma

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